Brave New World…

Part of what I do is I Watch, along with 4 other women, the world for our Council. We named ourselves ‘The Eyes of Z’ Ha-Dum’ as we’re all sci-fi buffs and we needed a name.

In Watching the world, we are aware of much that most folks catch perhaps cursorily, and we track things, studying patterns in politics and the like.

You’ve heard me via my posts on Facebook, and I am the voice of The Eyes, as well as the face. My sister-Eyes prefer to remain in anonymity, and I will ensure such–as will others who are far less patient and merciful than I am. So, if you’re some ‘analyst’ reading this and working for one of the ‘alphabet agencies’…leave off, this is your sole Warning.

And remember–WE are Watching YOU as well.

This blog is going to be seeing additions regarding information that American, Canadian and other Western Citizens can use to retain their Innate Birthrights in the face of the modern incursions against such by Illegitimate, Criminal, Facist governments engaged in Domestic Terrorism through many vectors.

Yes, Obama, I am referring to you and all those following your Pied-Piper’s flute to the cliff’s edge.

Insurgency is often begun only after things have gotten really bad and the invaders and tyrants have their boots on your necks…this time in history, it’ll be used Pro-Actively to stem and starve off the Tyranny before it really gets going.

My reasons? Canada has been very quietly Occupied by Obama’s forces, by way of threatening the Canadian Gov’t. This was an easy thing to do, considering the relative size between our Militaries, and it all happened without a word in the media–although those who tried to make it known found that the NDAA is fully enforceable here under US Law, by DHS.

Yes, DHS and TSA as well as others are up here–as is FDA and dept. of Agriculture enforcing Monsanto’s agenda as best they can despite our laws banning their toxic and noisome offerings. This is ‘Occupied Canada’ and it will not be so for any longer than we can avoid. Canadians are polite yes…but pick a fight with us or invade us, and we will make every single invader disappear in the cold, arctic night.

We do NOT blame America, NOR Americans for this. We place the blame directly and solely with the Human-Skin wearing abomination that it properly belongs to: Obama and his administration of tyrants and lickspittle sycophants. Canada stands with America and with Americans against this spreading, noxious facism based on Obama’s ‘vision’ for his leash-holder’s being able to claim us all as dhimmi and our lands as theirs.

Also, I will say this: If you haven’t a firearm, don’t worry. It’s amazing what one can accomplish with a couple of friends to distract the target and grab their arms and a sharpened nailfile or paring knife with targetting an enemy’s carotid artery. 😉

This is War, and that means it’s gonna get bloody.

artery arteries-of-the-head-and-neck external_carotid_artery 13939


3 thoughts on “Brave New World…

  1. wyldflwr2013 says:

    Thank you for the support and standing with us, on behalf of the American People. I wish Obama was not the start of the trouble, he is only the current face of a very old problem. I don’t think most Americans realize that the U.S. has basically invaded Canada. Have recently learned of the U.S.D.A.’s attacks on small farms. I watched Farmaggedon on Netflix and if you have not seen it, it is a must see movie. It raised my anger for those people and for us all. Monsanto is evil and vile and that snake needs to be cut off ..all 7 heads of it.


    • You’re very welcome and TY for reblogging! 🙂 The USA has not invaded Canada…the Obamocracy has. I like to make the distinction, out of respect for America and Americans. Obama is just the face-monkey for those who bought him the presidency…the same people fighting us on our powerplant system and catering to all the vileness like Monsanto…and I keep a CLOSE eye on Monsanto, to be sure!! They and all the others in league with the Obamocracy are not to be trusted, and will see their end. We’re going to chop off Obama’s tentacles here in canada, then come and assist our American siblings in taking America back for her Citizens, and putting an End to those would-be god-kings that have made such a mess of things, and as you say, have invaded and occupied Canada—so quietly.


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