Insurgency Weapons & Tactics

More than just this is coming in the future. Humanity’s long history of conflict provides a wealth of information, but it takes time to sort through.

…here’s some pics of the venerable ‘Liberator’ pistol, not meant for rough and tumble fighting, but to snuff an enemy so that a better weapon could be obtained.

FP-45_Liberator FP-45_Liberator-meritko FP-45_Liberator-spoust FP-45_Liberator-zaver FP-45_Liberator_v_ruce FP-45_Liberator-navod,13190,Defensewatch_062405_Quigley,00.html

Some of these are too weird to consider–others, make for simple and devastating close-combat weapons when employed with the advantage of suprise.

Birdlime, a handy thing to know how to make so one can prepare self-adhesive weapons such as Thermite Charges, and was used in this weapon rather successfully, the ‘Sticky Bomb’

And an oldie-but-a-goodie…tampons particularly make a very guood ignition-fuse…


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