Powering The Resistance

As some of you know, Husband and I work mainly in Alternative Energy and in Christmas 2011 we Open-Source Licensed the Core Principles of the power system that has been powering our home for 8 years.


A deliberately 'loose' design sheet so that the Principle may be applied based on available components.

A deliberately ‘loose’ design sheet so that the Principle may be applied based on available components.

In times of upset, things like fuel-burning power generators become a real liability as they’re noisy, need constant refuelling and also need oil, air filters and proper exhaust control. Fuel of most kinds is difficult to come by in turbulent times.

Consider a smaller system, providing more power with far less ‘overhead’, quieter, requires less maintenance, no refuelling.

This system, allows us to run our home at full power around the clock, if we wanted to, and sell nearly a Megawatt of power to the grid–all around the clock, everyday, every month and it doesn’t matter what the weather is. This system was built expressly to turn the ‘intermittent’ nature of solar and wind power into something completely reliable, around the clock.

That said, the solar panels and wind turbines only need to be deployed temporarily when safe to do so, and then can be easily hidden away. Then, no sound, and no exhaust to give anything away, no flammable fuels, and no trouble with fuel trucks or contaminated fuels and the trouble they cause.

The system is given in this form so that it may be employed depending upon what components are available, rather than forcing someone to take the time to realize that and try to reverse-work of a hard-and-fast Blueprint.

Remember, with the new ‘Smart Meters’ they can not only call up your power consumption easily, they can have it send an alert if you engage in ‘unusual activity’ and can also remotely cut your power. This allows you to exercise an option to such heavy and high-handed authoritarianism.


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