The Liberator

WW2…The French Resistance. To help it out, America made and dropped a lot of these simple, lethal, and surprisingly accurate (over short ranges) weapons to aid the Resistance in acquiring better arms and equipment.

What isn’t widely known is that some, like one acquired by my grandmother (who was sent by British Intelligence to France to aid and build up the resistance) that she had modified in a basement workshop for a ‘muffler’…not a full-out silencer, but it did aid in close-range stealth-kills and eliminated muzzle flash. That particular weapon accounted for 8 Nazis rendered ‘Unfit for Service’.

Now, consider what can be done with modern materials and tools in small or basement workshops. Concerned about power usage giving you away? Look into the Blackwinter Power System under ‘Logistics’ here on this blog.

FP-45_Liberator-navod dngineer_3 study_1 study_2 lib11 lib12 lib13 lib14 lib2 poster liber_gq1-25 lib7 lib6 0091111105036 20080505 model_2_top2 model_2_2 model_2_3 model_2_4 model_2_5 model_2_6 model_2_7 model_2_top model_2_left model_2_right model_1_tube model_1_left model_1_right model_1_1 feed04 feed03 feed02 feed01 blueprints0025 blueprints0026 thapisto lib8 lib10 lib15 lib-2s lib-2shot lib5 liber lib1 liber_gq1-23 liberatorchamber lib9 atorinstructions model_1_3 proright liberatorhand FP-45_Liberator_v_ruce FP-45_Liberator-zaver FP-45_Liberator-spoust FP-45_Liberator-meritko FP-45_Liberator


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