Shariah Law Enforcers Continue Unimpeded: Westerners Terrified To Counter Them, The Red/Green Alliance Assures Their (Eventual) Western Triumph IF Not Stopped…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Yes, there IS a Clash of Civilizations!

Adina Kutnicki

In order for Muslim Mafia enforcers – chief among them CAIR – to gain any headwind, a major underpinning must be implanted.

Most saliently, a conditioned populace is required. Never mind that western citizens witness Islamic barbarians – on a regular basis – exploding hither and yon. As long as westerners are taught, Muslims are an aggrieved group of victims – due to western malfeasance – the basic pillar of Islamic penetration is constructed.

Western guilt….what a wonderful windfall….for head choppers and Islamic “martyrs”….for westerners – not so much.

Oh me. Oh my. The poor dears. What have we all done to upset them so much, that they have no other option, but to rampage over and over again? Mea culpa. Mea culpa.

Let us give credit ( whacking them across their anti-western faces, as we limp along ) where it must rightfully be placed, that is, at the front…

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