Seen.is and Unseen.is run by Americans who collect and sell personal data and does not adders card transactions


HERE is the link to INTELIUS : http://www.intelius.com/

MORE Information will be added about INTELIUS soon. INTELIUS has BILLIONS of records on every person on the planet. If you pay them $20.00 you can find out everything about everybody, birth records, marriage records, divorce records, criminal records, and THEN they will charge your credit card EVERY MONTH $20.00. They have google maps of everybody. They have EVERYBODY’s NEIGHBORS, neighbors phone numbers. Everything.

News Voice recently opened an account to post status updates on Seen.is a competitor to Facebook. It was a mistake. No background check was made as to who really was behind Seen.is. It turned out that entrepreneurs ethics are questionable.

Text: Torbjorn Sassersson

Facebook competitor Seen.is and the supposedly secure communications channel Unseen.is driven not by Icelanders who like privacy but by Americans is behind services that sell personal data.


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