Finding security of the Future in the Past

These days, you keep hearing about the ‘Collapse’. the imminent dissolution of modern society and all that goes with it. You have folks stockpiling ammo, reloading gear, making microstoves out of the bottom ends of beer cans and fuelled by alcohol, etc..

All good options…however, there’s some things folks are overlooking, even the ones who are taking time to learn Natural World medicine.
What if you break a knife? Lose a cooking pot? Need some nails? Trade goods?? Arrowheads for when you run out of Primers to reload cartridges??

Gold, yeah, okay…well, if things fall past a certain point, no one in my family, Band or Tribe would do more than laugh at the offer of gold.
Can’t eat it. Heal NO wounds, Can’t make tools out of it…

Silver…I mean PURE silver, now there’s a Valuable trade metal. Innate anti-bacterial properties is why.

Now that we have precious metals solved, onward to the more Practical metals on which Life and rebuilding will hinge on.
Iron. Most folks know of the ‘Iron Age’, but most folks don’t know anything about how they GOT it. Nope, not meteorites, too rare.
Iron ore, pretty common…it’s basically rust in rocks.  Now, what follows applies to rusted iron and some steels also. It’s called ‘Blooming/Bloomery’, and this is how the Iron Age worked. I am not going to try to give a definitive work on it, but here are two very useful links that give a good overview and will aid you in finding more comprehensive knowledge on it:


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