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Disarmament = Democide. It always has, and always will. Governments MUST properly fear their people, otherwise they massacre their people.

Disarmament = Democide. It always has, and always will. Governments MUST properly fear their people, otherwise they massacre their people.

We live, as the Chinese say ‘In interesting times’. Obama and his lickspittle sycophants are walking all over the American Constitution, continuing to strangle Citizens Innate Birthrights that The Constitution so beautifully lays out and speaks of.

Then, we have islam, and all the mess and atrocity, deception, savagery and barbarity that goes along with it.

On top of it all, there are the ‘elites’…those who think to subjugate Humanity under their glorious vision of what this world should be–and using any and all means of power, influence and criminality to achieve it. The ‘elites’, they would have a Utopia for themselves while the rest of Humanity is rendered down to spiritless, mindless, Rights-less drones they have absolute power of life and death over.

I’m a Housewife, and all I ever wanted was to get married, write sci-fi, and raise some kids to be people of Intelligence and Capability–as opposed to how society demands our kids become drones for Liberalism, and thoroughly PolCorr in mentality. So, I am Fighting this War that those mentioned above have brought to our doorsteps. As I write this, Husband and myself are at the Enclave for our Wedding Anniversary…and I look around, seeing all these good people, and see the chemtrails in our skies, knowing that toxic soup of aluminum, barium, sulphur dioxide and other chemicals will be descending, and poisoning us, the Natural World, and all we know.

All that does is re-affirm my dedication in what I fight for and what I fight against.

I, Husband, our People…we will not allow the murderous, Democidal, Genocidalistic megalomania of certain ‘leaders’ to continue and we are NOT alone in standing vs. The Enemy.

I am not some armchair ‘web warrior’…I can and do many things regarding this work offline, including infiltrating mosques and various meetings to get Intel. Risky? Yes, and I am never without backup, and I know how to Fight. I refer not to ‘women’s self-defense’…I mean Fight, like a NAVY S.E.A.L. or Army Ranger.

Husband, is not merely sitting on the sidelines. He is as committed to this as I am and we will not surrender, stand-down, cease, or sell-out. We work on many things, in concert with others, regarding Alternative Energy, Industrial-Scale Organic Food Production, Desalinization and Water Reclamation, as well as new avenues in Weaponry, Counters to the advanced technologies The Enemy has, and other avenues also.

Consider that a Gauss-effect rifle can propel a steel slug at over 6000 Feet-per-second, and do so without muzzle-flash nor report and you have some idea of what we are working with.

I do not fear DHS, or any of the other modern-day Gestapo and Stasi-like agencies. I live in Canada (Occupied Canada) and such agencies are guilty of numerous acts of Criminality vs. American and Canadian Citizens. I do not and will never yield to their ‘authority’ as they have only the ‘authority’ of bullies.  If they make an effort against me, I give no warnings and I am not merciful to those assaulting myself, my family, my friends.

Occupied Canada…

Obama managed to achieve this silent coup by Threatening our government, and when you compare the Canadian Military vs. the American Military, it’s easy to see what lack of alternatives our government had. Thus, we have DHS and other USA agencies all over Canada, with full Operational Autonomy and no oversight by Canadian Authorities. Also, the NDAA is fully enforceable here by the invasionary agencies.

Obama and his entire administration, all but a very few, are War Criminals, Terrorist-Financers and Enablers, International Criminals, Tyrants, and they will withdraw their tentacles from Canada, or we’ll chop them off. Then, we’re coming to America, to stand alongside our sibling nation’s Citizens to bring Obama and his adminsitration down–if we have to take the Whitehouse and his bunker apart with our bare hands.

This page also serves as Warning to all of you working against Citizens, Humanity’s Innate Birthrights and siding with The Enemy:

You are not a threat anymore, you’re a ‘housekeeping’ problem.

You made your choices and will be seeing the consequences. You all know what you do is Wrong, Criminal and you will be treated as the Criminals you are.



June 21 2013

Marlene Wilkins Blackwinter

Witch of The First Circle

Consecrated to Hekate



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