Liberals of Marx… Islamites of Muhammed… I serve Notice on you.

The above applies not just to us Native Aboriginals, but to all who have been trodden upon by Marxists & islam…yes, I refer to you, you petty things, you would-be dictators and theocrats, who so love to have bootheel or blade on people’s necks, literally and metaphorically…you need to know one thing…



We Know what it is you are trying to accomplish, the frame of your vicious, insidious little plan that you have steadily been pressing on with despite Reason, and despite knowing what happened to your forebearers.

Hitler. Stalin. Mao. Pol Pot. Lenin. Marx. Muhammed himself…poisoned by his young wife Aisha, etc.. Your forebearers, and things really never ended too good for them.

You have been trying for decades to win against Freedom, Liberty and indeed against what it is to be Human here in the Americas by infiltration, corruption of various levels of government from Local to Federal, creating ‘militarized’ Police in the same manner as Hitler did, and using the same ‘justification’ also. But, even as you are exposed, here, now…you have lost sight of the monster that will turn on you the instant you blink.

islam… You idiot Marxists think you can be ‘partners’ with such a thing? You cannot, History shows this plain and clear. islam is just waiting for you to make one too many appeasements, then, you will find your fate to be the same as the hundreds of millions of others islam has killed over the decades.

Marxism, be it called socialism or progressivism, or whatnot else is only rivalled by islam for Democide and Genocide–BOTH of you have killed Hundreds of Millions of Innocent People…men, women, and children.

Both of you have PROVEN to be even more dangerous to Humanity than Cancer.

Regarding again the Insurgency you have been steadily pushing on for decades, thinking yourselves so clever…now we will call it what it is:

Infiltration by Hostile Insurgents and a grave threat to Human Life.

And it will End.


Liberals should CEASE speaking ‘for’ us, and better start LISTENING to us!!

In reaction from white Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s proclamation that the team name of the Washington “Redskins” is suddenly considered racist after more than seven decades, the Washington Post  Editorial Board, Phil Sims and Tony Dungy have decided to ban the word from their vocabularies. Some Native Americans are speaking out in favor of keeping the Redskins name, claiming that it honors their heritage.

In a new video released by Redskins Facts,  several Native Americans strongly object to those who are pushing to change the Redskin name.

Megan Yellowhorse, of The Navajo Nation, said the Redskins logo “shows a strong warrior, and our ancestors have always taught us to be strong and be proud of who you are.”

Will Harry Reid Tell This 100% Navajo Indian High School Their ‘Redskins’ Mascot is Racist?

“The Redskins name, it’s always been a term that we felt was a unifying term,” said Mark One Wolf of the Chiricahua/Apache tribe in the video.

How bad can living with islam be? Ask someone from France..

The magazine Valeurs Actuelles has a series of articles this week on the plight of the indigenous French people forced to live in Muslim-colonized areas.

DMF  It is far from astonishing that doctors are now refusing to do home visits, that the Post Office is often refusing to deliver packages to certain Muslim areas. Some funeral corteges, according to the criminologist Xavier Raufer, are being forced to avoid high-risk sectors, because the crosses on their hearses become targets of choice.

Follow the link for a fairly in-depth look into what has become of France in regards to islam, the cult of muhammed, the false prophet and murderer/war criminal.




( In some ways the Ghetto Blacks and The Barrio Hispanics have the same mindset as the Gaza Palestinians)

Gaza: Out of the mouth of a humble, American Indian comes more insight than all of the media pundits and their “intellectual,”elitist and biased analysis of the Gaza conflict. His comment was a response on the CNN website to a story about Hamas rejecting a ceasefire.

I am Creek Indian. My family fought against the Europeans for hundreds of years and it was a losing fight. After the Civil War, the federal government of the US decided to rout out the last of the resistance, and my ancestors were faced with choices: 1) Death. The reality was that the Indian nations in no way had anything like the military might to defeat the US. AT BEST they could have continued to fight a guerrilla war, keeping themselves in grinding poverty and throwing away their lives and futures and those of their children. 2) Being moved to reservations. 3) Assimilate into the new nation as citizens.

Thank GOD my ancestors were wise enough to choose wisely, and we became US citizens. As my Grandfather told me when I was starting to learn about our history, “You have a choice. You can choose to live in the past, in bitterness and anger, or you can choose to excel in the world as it exists today. If you live in the past, you are only hurting yourself. The people living today bear no guilt for what happened generations before. They were born into today’s world the same way you were. Hating them would be unjust, and only hurts you. Choose instead to excel in today’s world as best you can.”

And frankly the US is far superior to the world of my ancestors in myriad ways (I am not excusing what went before, simply recognizing the reality). The lifespan of a Creek used to be less than 36 years. Infant mortality was 9 in 10. We were semi-nomadic hunter-gatherers. Starvation was common & part of life. The “noble savage” is a PC myth. An invention of propaganda. I wouldn’t want to live that way and would fight anyone trying to force me to do so.

As a result, our family has prospered beyond the wildest dreams of my ancestors. My Grandparents lived into their 80’s and 90’s with one exception, and he was killed in an accident. My parents are in their 80’s now. Active and healthy. Of the six children they had, all are living, and all have masters or doctorate level educations and are financially successful. Of the 22 grandchildren, all are living, and all those who are old enough are in college on academic scholarships.
I am proud to be a US citizen. An American.

The point is this: Palestinians. You have the same choice. Israel is a reality. Your decades long efforts to destroy it have been miserable failures and have only really served to show how laughably one-sided that conflict is. At one time, decades ago, I had some sympathy for you. No longer. I grew up watching the efforts to help you. You’ve stupidly spit in the face of those efforts every time. You pick a fight, then go whining to the press when you start getting your behind kicked. Over and over. It is pathetic. And who are you really hurting?

Israel is doing just fine, thank you very much. Israel has real universities, real industry. Israel contributes to the advancement of science and technology. Israel is a Republic where anyone who is a citizen has a vote. Women aren’t forced to live in mobile tents, and aren’t killed for trying to get an education. If I had to choose today which culture I want there, then I am going to choose them 10 times out of 10.

So you can continue living in your past, which is about as accurate as the “noble savage” myths the PC crowd tried to sell me as a child, or you can grow up & show you ACTUALLY care about your children & quit committing mass suicide.
I don’t doubt that MOST Palestinians would rather live in a 1st world country with clean water, good sewer systems, plentiful food, easily achievable education. So really, this appeal is to you. The radicals in your midst are screwing you. They have been screwing you for 40+ years, and they are never going to stop. Choose civilization. Choose a future for your children.

What does that mean? If you are in Israel, thank your lucky stars, and start benefiting from living in a first world country rather than trying to return it to the stone age.
If you are not in Israel, but you can see people who are firing rockets into Israel, take them out. Report their locations. Band together with neighbors who don’t want to be bombed or shelled, and kill the people responsible for drawing the fire to your neighborhood.

Because lets be real. This is all over but the dying. Israel is there, and it is there to stay. If you keep attacking them, then the most likely outcome will be the “genocide” you seem so hell-bent on asking for. Only it won’t be genocide, it will be mass suicide.

Quit being idiots and actually prove you care about your children.



An insightful view regarding islam and Nazism’s close similarities…

Islamism = Nazism with Religious Rituals

Both ideologies share numerous major features:
(1) Their founders created the ideologies to get their followers to kill and die for them.
• This alone is not enough to condemn Islamism, because the track records of Judaism (e.g. as shown in the Old Testament) and Christianity (e.g. Inquisition, Thirty Years War) were once not much better. The key word is “were” as opposed to “are.” There is only one purported religion that has, during the past couple of hundred years, used theology to justify genocide, rape, and human trafficking.
(2) Their founders wrote books, Mein Kampf and the Koran respectively, that embody the ideologies and justify aggressive warfare against those deemed inferior. Here is but one of many examples from the latter.
• Sura 9.29: Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Apostle have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax [jizya, dhimmi tax] in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.
(3) Both ideologies claim the right to rule the entire world, as in “Today Germany, tomorrow the world” and “Islam will dominate the world.”
• Here is a video of a demonstration in London where Islamists say they will rule the world, call for the bombing of Denmark, and add that they will take infidel women as war booty. The demonstration adds threats of another 7/7, the terrorist subway bombings in the UK.
• The context of the Takbir (Arabic for “Allah akbar!”) in this demonstration comes across like the “Heil Hitler!” of the 1930s.
(4) Both ideologies define their own members as racially or religiously superior Herrenvolk; the Master Race. These are Aryans and the Dar-al-Islam (House of Islam) respectively, and the latter encompasses only the “right” kinds of Muslims.
(5) Both ideologies define outsiders as Untermenschen (subhumans) whom the Master Race is free to kill, rape, rob, and/or enslave. Nazism defined Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, homosexuals, and Black people as Untermenschen. Islamism’s kafirs or infidels include Jews, Christians, Hindus, Baha’is, and the wrong kinds of Muslims. Sunnis regard Shiites as Untermenschen, and vice versa.
• Kafirs and infidels are all part of the Dar-al-Harb (House of War), which means Islamism has openly declared war on the entire non-Islamic world. This includes, of course, the wrong kinds of Muslims.
• ISIS demands the jizya, a tax paid by infidels for the privilege of remaining alive in the Dar-al-Islam, from Christians in Iraq. When the Christians can’t or won’t pay, Islamists rape their female family members. The reference adds that Islamists use Christian women the same way Imperial Japan used Koreans as what they called “comfort women.”
• Islamists claim, and often exercise, the right to rape infidel women in North America, Europe, and Australia. “If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or in the park, or in the backyard without a cover, and the cats come and eat it … whose fault is it, the cats or the uncovered meat? The uncovered meat is the problem. If she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab, no problem would have occurred.”
(6) Both ideologies slate certain people for Sonderbehandlung (special treatment, i.e. extermination). The Nazis applied this to special needs children, and here is an example of Sonderbehandlung of gay people in Iran.
(7) Both ideologies need not honor their agreements with Untermenschen. Examples include Hitler’s violation of his peace agreements, and the Islamist hudna (temporary or phony peace). Hamas has proven itself incapable of honoring its hudnas for more than a few hours.
(8) Both ideologies identify property of Untermenschen with yellow Stars of David or the Arabic symbol nun (Nazarene, Christian) for expropriation or looting.
(9) Both ideologies exterminate Untermenschen, and then bury them in mass graves. Nazi concentration camps, mass graves of Armenian victims of the Turkish genocide of 1915, and the current conduct of ISIS are all examples.
(10) Both ideologies are totally incompatible with civil liberties, and Islamist demonstrators proclaim openly, “Freedom go to Hell.” As shown by Freedom House’s Map of Freedom:
• Almost all Christian-majority nations outside the former Soviet Union are rated as Free.
• The world’s only Jewish-majority nation is also the only Free nation in the entire Middle East.
• The world’s only Hindu-majority nation is the world’s largest democracy.
• NO Muslim-majority nation is rated better than Partly Free.

The only significant difference between Nazism and Islamism is, in fact, that Nazism recognized Aryan women as Herrenvolk, while Islamism treats Muslim women as chattel property. Muslim women can be sold by their male “owners,” subjected to female genital mutilation, and stoned to death for adultery if they are raped.

Debating islam with muslims & Liarberals (not mis-spelled)

While I do stand in support of friends and colleagues who do debate islam with muslims, for the most part I don’t anymore aside from active support of my friends and colleagues, and here’s why:

I am far more involved in fighting islam than speaking with empty-eyed muslim ‘drones’ about islam and listening to the same, tired, worn-out old script they always work from in return. After the thousandth time, one realizes that speaking with muslims on islam is like trying to have a debate with a tape recorder playing a looped tape.

I don’t care what muslims think, or what their opinions are of me. I never have and never will. I am NOT Politically Correct, and am an avowed enemy of PolCorr. I don’t tolerate it when people try to enforce such on me, which surprises the hell out of a good number of Liarberals and the muslims. They’d better get used to it, and that Native Americans are increasingly speaking out For Ourselves. For too bloody long everyone else has spoken ‘for’ us…that Ends and it Ends now.

I am more interested in making people aware of what’s going on, educating them on islam’s True nature, and how it cloaks itself in Lies and what are known as ‘taqqiya’ and ‘kitman’, so they can then see through islam’s false-talking and in-turn educate others about islam’s genuine and disgusting nature and inner mechanics.

Some folks wish to ‘save’ muslims from islam, fine, but don’t expect me to waste a moment on such. They have Choice to remain in islam or leave, that is their’s to wrangle alone.  I am Pagan, from 40+ Generations back in my British lineage, and w do NOT proselytize, convert, or sway others from the paths they choose for themselves in what they choose to believe in regarding theology.

Anti-Native American Racism on behalf of islam….

This is so amusing, and always from Liarberals and their muslim bedpartners…  Basically unless you side with Palestine and tow the ‘acceptable’ line of thinking–well then “You’re no Native!”, as one Liaberal Racist said to me on Twitter. A related link is below relative to such and the BDS movement.

This is hardly surprising, given the Liarberal history of such things as Violating Treaties with Native Americans, ignoring us, founding the KKK and instituting the Jim Crow Laws against African-descent folks. In the modern era, well, they play the Ethnic-Cleansing game far more subtly vs. Native Americans and Afrimericans, by way of ‘Planned Parenthood’. Same mentality, but slicker modern trickery regarding such. See link immediately below and excerpt.


According to the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois), Obama’s treatment of Native Americans goes against his promise of “change” during his presidential campaign. He keeps open the southern border for Mexicans to pass through while denying American Indians the right to cross over the U.S./Canadian border to visit loved ones.


Many folks think Native Americans ‘should’ side with Palestine and islam out of ‘shared suffering’.

This is absolute BULLSHIT.

MANY people these days claim Native American Ancestry, and while I do, I am Honest about mine. I am Blackfoot, Piikani Aapátohsipikáni (Northern Peigan). My Great-Grandmother left her people with my British Great-Grandfather who was a Trader (of sorts) as he used that to fund his personal exploration, travels and studies in Canada about Native Americans, basically, subsistence-level trading.

(Here we’re called First Nations, but most folks have NO clue what that means so I use ‘Native Americans’, and it’s all the same anyways)

So, how ‘Native’ am I? Well, since finding my way back to my Great-Grandmother’s people, they were rather pleased and surprised that her ‘Blood’ returned to where it came from, without any real active effort by my part…as Husband has relatives among my Great-Grandmother’s people also. Random chance? Guiding Fate? I prefer the Native interpretation. Once it was Proven to the satisfaction of Elders, especially by various documents, personal letters, personal items of them both and a photograph of my Great Grandparents that was in with all the rest of the Remnant Estate from my British Lineage that was shipped to me…I was Welcomed and Accepted. I didn’t seek this, it sought me, and I was asked by an Elder about my Great-Grandmother after he looked into my eyes upon my being introduced to him for the first time. By ‘Legal’ definition of the Canadian Gov’t, I am ‘Metis’ or ‘Mixed-Blood’. Like I care, my relatives fully accept me, and THEY matter, the ‘government’ does NOT. I’m 6’3 (Thanks Grandpa, for the shopping hassles LOL), Nordic-skinned (I don’t tan, I burn and am a Winter Girl), dark brunette with a Definite British Accent. My relatives, the Elders, the rest of my people–see ME. They see my Heart and Spirit, love me and accept me on those merits.

Elders speak of Native American Women

To return to the Palestine question: Those who ‘ape’ Native American ancestry are pretty damn clueless about how WE see the world. I hav been Learning a LOT from Elders, and they’re NOT as clueless as so many like to remain comfortable thinking. Most folks think we’re cut-off and clueless about the greater world. NO, we’re not. When Palestine first came up back in 1948 thereabouts, some got curious and started digging through Libraries and asking Questions at museums and other places concerning History, and pieced things together. They sought volunteers–Scouts–to go out into the world and Learn about it and bring that knowledge and experience home. Pre-Internet, remember? As things began to take on the shading of ‘Native Americans should stand with Palestine’, a solid sense of disgust swept through The People of The Nations–as once again, we Natives were being ‘Used’ for some assklown political agenda that had NOTHING to do with us.

SO, we REALLY started digging then, for the Truth of Israel and Palestine. And while the ‘Apers’ (Often Liarberals) claimed to speak for us in favor of Palestine…we kept quiet as we sorted things out.

Israeli Jews, forced out from their Homelands, hunted, and nearly exterminated, and then eventually reclaimed it, and have been under siege ever since. Palestine was set up by arabia and related interests, using squatters from Syria and Jordan with the express purpose of harrassing and being a continual threat to Israel. In the modern day, Archeological evidence has been found in the form of Graves and artifacts and remnants of ancient homes that have been proven to be Israeli and dating methods have consistently shown them to be from 3500 B.C.. Israel is an inspiration to many Native Americans that we can reclaim our Homelands also, and have shown that adversity can be weathered and survived and a culture can be kept alive against all assails against it.

Palestine is hateful, violent, unproductive, anti-Human and everything opposite to what we Natives have always been. They Lie, they indiscriminately attack Civilians with rocket and mortar assaults, they hide behind women and children and hospitals as cowards as they know Israel will NOT intentionally harm innocents/non-combatants.

In short, Palestine is Wendigo, like the rest of islam.

Here’s some decent reading about how islam tries to EXPLOIT Native Americans as a crutch for their agenda of islamization, and how Liarberals try to aid them in such, and a view through the eyes of a fellow Metis about Israel vs Palestine.

Israel as seen by musffir…

Here’s a convo with a musffir about Israel being blamed for the death of that homosexual Palestinian boy, who was killed in a hate-crime BY fellow Palestinians.

Notice that this musffir will NOT condemn Israel being falsely and wrongfully held to blame, and how he squirms in evasion of my question.

Twitter / Ibrahimism: @MarleneBlckwntr if it was … Twitter / Ibrahimism: @MarleneBlckwntr either ways … Twitter / Ibrahimism: @MarleneBlckwntr IF there is … Twitter / Ibrahimism: @MarleneBlckwntr have a nice day Twitter / Ibrahimism: @MarleneBlckwntr im too much … Twitter / Ibrahimism: @MarleneBlckwntr nop u started … Twitter / Ibrahimism: @MarleneBlckwntr it is acceptable … Twitter / Ibrahimism: @MarleneBlckwntr what evidence … Twitter / Ibrahimism: @MarleneBlckwntr then u got … Twitter / Ibrahimism: @MarleneBlckwntr no, logically … Twitter / Ibrahimism: @MarleneBlckwntr im not afraid … Twitter / Ibrahimism: @MarleneBlckwntr im too educated … Twitter / Ibrahimism: @MarleneBlckwntr so u’re … Twitter / Ibrahimism: @MarleneBlckwntr this convo … Twitter / Ibrahimism: @MarleneBlckwntr not really … Twitter / israel_shield: .@Ibrahimism Go ahead, look …