Why is it WRONG for Native American Aboriginals to support ‘palestine’?

Elders speak of Native American Women

“The Palestinians are not like us. Their fight is not our fight. We natives believe in bringing about change peacefully and we refuse to be affiliated with anyone who engages in violence targeting civilians. I cannot remain silent and allow the Palestinians to gain credibility at our expense by claiming commonality with us.I cannot stand by while they trivialize our plight by tying it to theirs, which is largely self-inflicted. Our population of over 65 million was violently reduced to a mere 10 million, a slaughter unprecedented in human history. To compare that in whatever way to the Palestinians’ story is deeply offensive to me. The Palestinians did lose the land they claim is theirs, but they were repeatedly given the opportunity to build their state on it and to partner with the Jews — and they persistently refused peace overtures and chose war. We were never given that chance. We never made that choice.

Ryan Bellerose




“Various anti-Israel groups argue that the Palestinians are like Israel’s “Native Americans. However, the truth of the matter is that the Jewish people are the closest thing to an indigenous people within the Holy Land, while the Palestinian Arabs ancestors sprung out from centers of empire.

Despite all of the facts proving the contrary, some anti-Israel activists have falsely compared the Palestinians to the Native Americans. For example, during this year’s Palestinian Solidarity Week at the University of Maryland at College Park, the UMD Students for Justice in Palestine hosted a lecture titled “Two Trails of Tears: From Turtle Island to Palestine.” In this lecture, the UMD Students for Justice in Palestine held a discussion on “settler colonialism, ethnic cleansing, broken treaties and racist policies as a form of systematic oppression for the Palestinian and Native American peoples.”

Unfortunately, the UMD Students for Justice in Palestine is not the only anti-Israel group to seek to compare the Palestinian cause to the Native American struggle. This type of rhetoric disregards Jewish history within the Land of Israel dating back to antiquity and is an attempt to re-write history by anti-Israel groups in order to belittle the Jewish connection to the Land of Israel. This propaganda is so popular among anti-Israel groups that in one anti-Israel protest outside of Nablus, Palestinians even dressed up like Native Americans in order to make a political point. Many Native American’s find this offensive and an unethical form of cultural appropriation.”

As Ryan Bellerose, a member of the Métis nation in Canada, wrote in the Metropolitan,


Then, there’s THIS little-spoken of effort at Genocide by islam

From: Sa***** K  (I do NOT reveal Friend’s Identities for any reason unless THEY insist)

“Marlene: First Nations are split on Israel. Many are with the BDS groups. I remember reading a few years ago how muslims were encouraged to meet Natives on dating sites in order to infiltrate Native communities, marry the girls to produce muslim kids and eventually get the groups on board with Islam and BDS campaign.

The story was published in Québec media. Today, I can say that Natives in universities tend to side with Hamas and are active in BDS. I met a Native guy on a dating site. Didn’t last long… a 3-minute phone call and he hung up when I mentioned I was pro-Israel.”


The points below…do they sound familiar to you, my Brothers, Sisters, Cousins??

Despite all Palestinian propaganda points to the contrary, the Palestinians are not Israel’s “Native Americans.” In fact, the Jewish people, composed of the twelve tribes of Israel, not Muslim Palestinian Arabs, made up the majority of the population in Israel up until 135 CE, when the Jewish people through massacres, brutal oppression, persecutions, and ethnic cleansing were forcibly made into a minority within their own country. Just like the Native Americans, the fact that Jews were made into a minority within their own country does not rob them of their indigenous status nor does it imply that they abandoned their country.

In fact, Jews continued to live in Israel throughout history, regardless of which regime was in power. The Jewish Virtual Library estimates that in 1517, well before the Zionist movement existed, there were only around 300,000 people living in Eretz Yisrael, where 5,000 of them were Jewish. According to the Ottoman Turkish Census of 1893, there were 371,959 Muslims, 42,689 Christians, and about 9,000 Jews living in Israel. These statistics demonstrate that Jews were living in the Land of Israel well before Zionism and the Balfour Declaration. 

“Muslims were never the sole inhabitants of the land like the Native Americans were in the United States & Canada.”


Yes, VERY familiar-sounding, isn’t it…here’s why…

According to Ward Churchill, a professor of ethnic studies at the University of Colorado, 12 million Native Americans used to inhabit North America in 1500. They were the continent’s first original indigenous human inhabitants and some of the tribes referred to their ancestral homeland as Turtle’s Island. Yet today, after experiencing massacres, persecutions, outright racism, ethnic cleansing, systematic oppression, and having their traditional lands colonized by European settlers who refused to permit them to live beside them even if they were peaceful and adopted aspects of European culture, their population size was reduced to 237,000 by 1900.

During the infamous Trail of Tears, about 20,000 Cherokees were forcefully expelled from their homes and sent on a death march, where up to 8,000 of them perished. The Cherokee nation endured all of this suffering, despite the fact that they were very much assimilated into the society, rejected utilizing violence, and had legal documents in their possession demonstrating what land was supposed to belong to them. It was one of the darkest chapters in American history.


Now, why should Native Americans NOT allow ourselves to be conned and bullied and coerced by Politically-Correct Leftists with not a dram of genuine facts to back their ‘BDS’ movement?

Here is why…


“Indeed, the Jewish people, who have always sympathized with the oppressed and have a history of assisting the Native Americans in their just struggle for civil and human rights. In 1973, over 500 Native American activists were jailed after battling with American forces at Wounded Knee.

Over 80 percent of the lawyers assisting these Native American activists were Jewish. Israel has also formed a close relationship with the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana. Israel assists them with agriculture and trade, and the Coushatta have shown their appreciation by recognizing May 14th, Israel’s Independence Day, as a national Coushatta holiday.

The Coushatta nation, like many other Native Americans, feel a special bond with the Jewish people due to the fact that both peoples have endured centuries of persecution, relocation and prejudice, while holding on to a strong commitment to their ancestral homeland.

Personal Statement:

By now, if any of you Leftist, wrong-headed, false-talking ‘BDS’ types have even bothered to read this far, you’re likely pretty pissed-off…

Good, and we will see you expose your True Heart-of-Hatred on Twitter and other social media. But, you need to know this:

The First Native Nations stands with Israel, who has always been a Friend to us, who has always Listened and done what they could for us when we had little or nothing to gift back.

TRUE Native Americans stand with their Friends and family, we give our blood for them, as often that is all we have to give…and is most precious as it is Life.

The FNN was welcomed by Israel, when we opened Diplomatic Contact, as an experiment, just-to-see, we tried with ‘palestine’ and got a reply that was insulting, and made it clear that ‘palestine’ is NO friend of any Native American. But, they are quick to twist and pervert Native American history for their anti-Israel campaign.

On that, ‘palestine’ has two choices, as does BDS;

They can CEASE using our history, name and identity as a people for their twisted game and perversions of such to serve their games.


They will pay the price and Consequences for defying this polite request.

We are NOT your ‘toys’, and we are not to be ‘used’ or trifled with.

The FNN has been preparing to step forth into the world and take our Rightful Place on the world stage, a place that is LONG overdue. Since the end of WW2, we have been Quiet, preparing, learning, Watching, studying and thinking about the outside and greater world.

We have learned well, Prepared, and we know who Lies, who speaks Truth, and who our Friends are, as well as our Enemies.

By all means, laugh at us and insult/disparage/denigrate us as you have for many-times-many decades…and enjoy it.

You will only be able to laugh for so much longer.

“We will meet The Wendigo that we were fore-warned was coming. We will meet it as Bear and Wolf…but with hands of Men, and weapons of the modern world.”


Debating islam with muslims & Liarberals (not mis-spelled)

While I do stand in support of friends and colleagues who do debate islam with muslims, for the most part I don’t anymore aside from active support of my friends and colleagues, and here’s why:

I am far more involved in fighting islam than speaking with empty-eyed muslim ‘drones’ about islam and listening to the same, tired, worn-out old script they always work from in return. After the thousandth time, one realizes that speaking with muslims on islam is like trying to have a debate with a tape recorder playing a looped tape.

I don’t care what muslims think, or what their opinions are of me. I never have and never will. I am NOT Politically Correct, and am an avowed enemy of PolCorr. I don’t tolerate it when people try to enforce such on me, which surprises the hell out of a good number of Liarberals and the muslims. They’d better get used to it, and that Native Americans are increasingly speaking out For Ourselves. For too bloody long everyone else has spoken ‘for’ us…that Ends and it Ends now.

I am more interested in making people aware of what’s going on, educating them on islam’s True nature, and how it cloaks itself in Lies and what are known as ‘taqqiya’ and ‘kitman’, so they can then see through islam’s false-talking and in-turn educate others about islam’s genuine and disgusting nature and inner mechanics.

Some folks wish to ‘save’ muslims from islam, fine, but don’t expect me to waste a moment on such. They have Choice to remain in islam or leave, that is their’s to wrangle alone.  I am Pagan, from 40+ Generations back in my British lineage, and w do NOT proselytize, convert, or sway others from the paths they choose for themselves in what they choose to believe in regarding theology.

Anti-Native American Racism on behalf of islam….

This is so amusing, and always from Liarberals and their muslim bedpartners…  Basically unless you side with Palestine and tow the ‘acceptable’ line of thinking–well then “You’re no Native!”, as one Liaberal Racist said to me on Twitter. A related link is below relative to such and the BDS movement.


This is hardly surprising, given the Liarberal history of such things as Violating Treaties with Native Americans, ignoring us, founding the KKK and instituting the Jim Crow Laws against African-descent folks. In the modern era, well, they play the Ethnic-Cleansing game far more subtly vs. Native Americans and Afrimericans, by way of ‘Planned Parenthood’. Same mentality, but slicker modern trickery regarding such. See link immediately below and excerpt.




According to the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois), Obama’s treatment of Native Americans goes against his promise of “change” during his presidential campaign. He keeps open the southern border for Mexicans to pass through while denying American Indians the right to cross over the U.S./Canadian border to visit loved ones.


Many folks think Native Americans ‘should’ side with Palestine and islam out of ‘shared suffering’.

This is absolute BULLSHIT.

MANY people these days claim Native American Ancestry, and while I do, I am Honest about mine. I am Blackfoot, Piikani Aapátohsipikáni (Northern Peigan). My Great-Grandmother left her people with my British Great-Grandfather who was a Trader (of sorts) as he used that to fund his personal exploration, travels and studies in Canada about Native Americans, basically, subsistence-level trading.

(Here we’re called First Nations, but most folks have NO clue what that means so I use ‘Native Americans’, and it’s all the same anyways)

So, how ‘Native’ am I? Well, since finding my way back to my Great-Grandmother’s people, they were rather pleased and surprised that her ‘Blood’ returned to where it came from, without any real active effort by my part…as Husband has relatives among my Great-Grandmother’s people also. Random chance? Guiding Fate? I prefer the Native interpretation. Once it was Proven to the satisfaction of Elders, especially by various documents, personal letters, personal items of them both and a photograph of my Great Grandparents that was in with all the rest of the Remnant Estate from my British Lineage that was shipped to me…I was Welcomed and Accepted. I didn’t seek this, it sought me, and I was asked by an Elder about my Great-Grandmother after he looked into my eyes upon my being introduced to him for the first time. By ‘Legal’ definition of the Canadian Gov’t, I am ‘Metis’ or ‘Mixed-Blood’. Like I care, my relatives fully accept me, and THEY matter, the ‘government’ does NOT. I’m 6’3 (Thanks Grandpa, for the shopping hassles LOL), Nordic-skinned (I don’t tan, I burn and am a Winter Girl), dark brunette with a Definite British Accent. My relatives, the Elders, the rest of my people–see ME. They see my Heart and Spirit, love me and accept me on those merits.

Elders speak of Native American Women

To return to the Palestine question: Those who ‘ape’ Native American ancestry are pretty damn clueless about how WE see the world. I hav been Learning a LOT from Elders, and they’re NOT as clueless as so many like to remain comfortable thinking. Most folks think we’re cut-off and clueless about the greater world. NO, we’re not. When Palestine first came up back in 1948 thereabouts, some got curious and started digging through Libraries and asking Questions at museums and other places concerning History, and pieced things together. They sought volunteers–Scouts–to go out into the world and Learn about it and bring that knowledge and experience home. Pre-Internet, remember? As things began to take on the shading of ‘Native Americans should stand with Palestine’, a solid sense of disgust swept through The People of The Nations–as once again, we Natives were being ‘Used’ for some assklown political agenda that had NOTHING to do with us.

SO, we REALLY started digging then, for the Truth of Israel and Palestine. And while the ‘Apers’ (Often Liarberals) claimed to speak for us in favor of Palestine…we kept quiet as we sorted things out.

Israeli Jews, forced out from their Homelands, hunted, and nearly exterminated, and then eventually reclaimed it, and have been under siege ever since. Palestine was set up by arabia and related interests, using squatters from Syria and Jordan with the express purpose of harrassing and being a continual threat to Israel. In the modern day, Archeological evidence has been found in the form of Graves and artifacts and remnants of ancient homes that have been proven to be Israeli and dating methods have consistently shown them to be from 3500 B.C.. Israel is an inspiration to many Native Americans that we can reclaim our Homelands also, and have shown that adversity can be weathered and survived and a culture can be kept alive against all assails against it.

Palestine is hateful, violent, unproductive, anti-Human and everything opposite to what we Natives have always been. They Lie, they indiscriminately attack Civilians with rocket and mortar assaults, they hide behind women and children and hospitals as cowards as they know Israel will NOT intentionally harm innocents/non-combatants.

In short, Palestine is Wendigo, like the rest of islam.

Here’s some decent reading about how islam tries to EXPLOIT Native Americans as a crutch for their agenda of islamization, and how Liarberals try to aid them in such, and a view through the eyes of a fellow Metis about Israel vs Palestine.