The treaties have been a lie- AIM and it’s leadership have been shown to be a lie- it’s time to heal those wounds and move on-time to rid ourselves of their shadow and feel the Sun on our face and the face of our children again.

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Wounds-everyone has been wounded in some way either physically or emotionally during the course of their life -an inevitable part of the human experience.

What wounds one may heal in time and be overcome-while the same wound inflicted upon another may fester as a life long burden, a part of the shadow they cast that follows them everywhere they go.

In addition to individual wounds there are communal, tribal, national, and even global wounds that few if any can escape from.

As nations we inflicted wounds upon others long before they were in turn inflicted upon us with the arrival of the first foreign invaders and the age of steel set foot upon this hemispheres shores.

If theses wounds we inflicted can be remediated in any way all that can be said is that they were localized-they weren’t continental in nature, driven by a desire to own the width and…

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